What we do

A Catalyst for Trade

A Partner for a Stable Supply Chain

In the new global economy, CCMA has emerged as an independent, knowledgeable, and innovative force focused on metals, alloys, and other raw materials. Our expertise in critical materials and their markets coupled with our access to end users gives us strength and creates value for our partners.

Trading is as old as the Phoenicians. Just as traders did in the past, CCMA trades and transports metals, ores and concentrates from areas of the world where these resources exist to those areas where there are none.

— Eduardo Heumann

Strong North American and European Presence

With our roots in the production of raw materials for metallurgy in North America and Europe, our expertise in the industry supply chain stretches back generations.

What we offer
Our Services and Strengths

CCMA provides support to producers and consumers, catalyzing global trade – getting products where they need to go.

what we offer

Our Critical Materials
and Commodities

CCMA has the capability to blend and upgrade vital raw materials to meet stringent specifications, and we deliver value quickly and efficiently to consumers.